It has been many years since I began to collect data and pictures pertaining to my family name and my grandfather’s boxing career. Pressure from other pursuits coupled with the difficulties of the task(s) delayed publication (albeit incomplete) until now. Additionally considerable monetary expense has been spent in the process. Hopefully readers benefiting from any of these works will deem it appropriate to make a donation in proportion to benefits received.

The Origin and Evolution of the
Surname Ó Ciarṁacáin (Irwin)

Do you have an Irish surname? Probably not! Have you ever met a person with an Irish surname? Probably not! Did you realize that virtually 99.9% of all “Irish surnamed” people are actually sporting an English surname... that is to say an English equivalent of their once Irish surname? Why is this so… how can this be? In his booklet The Origin and Evolution of the Surname Ó Ciarṁacáin (Irwin), Mr. Ó Ciarṁacáin (Irwin) explains how this came to be. For people surnamed Irwin, Kirby and Kerwick with county Limerick and Munster province roots this booklet is a must read. For people interested in their own Irish surnames, this booklet will go a long way in explaining how their surnames came to become “Irish” and thereafter how their surnames came to become “English”.

William “Billy” Irwin:
Colorado Champion Pugilist (1895-1900)

We Americans originally came from someplace else. Most of us have heard stories of our immigrant forbearers struggles to gain a foothold in their newly adopted country. My grandfather, William “Billy” Irwin, had one such story to tell. It is a unique story of coal mines and Molly Maguires…silver mines and labor strikes…boxing championships and public service. At the turn of the last century William “Billy” Irwin was one of Leadville’s most popular and beloved citizens until his untimely death at the age of 41 in 1910. This is his story.

(From Limerick to Leadville)

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The UTE WAR of 1887
           (A Journal)

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