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It has been some time now since I have acquired a copy of my grandfather’s scrapbook of boxing memorabilia. Incrementally, over the years, I have also come into possession of a number of photographs of my grandfather. The pictures remain clear and in good shape which made reproduction unproblematic. The scrapbook however is, to a considerable degree, illegible without the aid of a magnifying glass. This handicap made “decipherment” difficult and occasionally a “guess” had to be made as to what was the “probable” word. Another problem which made this effort difficult was that the articles in the scrapbook were very largely undated and without newspaper sources cited. These obstacles have been overcome to a satisfactory degree as a result of research in the old newspaper archives.


Several years ago I arrived at the conclusion that my research had concluded and that finally I could write a well documented narrative of my grandfather’s boxing history. I decided to use a “picture-essay” format and I used almost every picture of my grandfather that I have in my collection…each picture was put into a chronological order…each picture was also accompanied by an appropriate essay.


Prior to this presentation my grandfather had largely “slipped through the cracks” of early Colorado boxing history. I hope my efforts in compiling this picture-essay biography of my grandfather, William “Billy” Irwin, will give him the historical recognition that he so richly merits and deserves.


To all those concerned, please feel free to download this material as a matter of historical interest and enjoyment. Anything downloaded from my sites are exclusively the property of the author (Terrance L. Irwin). Therefore any and all downloading for financial gain by others is unauthorized under copyright protection.



Terrance "Terry" Irwin

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