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A second, also known as a cornerman, stands in the boxers corner during a bout and gives him advice and assistance between rounds. A team of seconds is also called the boxers “corner” or “cornermen.” In the old days, when no films of an opponent were available for study, fighters often hired men who had sparred with or fought against the upcoming foe in order to find out about the opponents weaknesses. For men the likes of Young Corbett II, “Parson” Bean and Jack Dempsey to hire Billy Irwin as their second reflects favorably on the prestige of Billy Irwin in the Colorado boxing world at this time. The “known” bouts in which Billy Irwin participated as a second are as follows:

~ Second: Billy Irwin ~

In Young Corbett’s corner, besides Billy Irwin, was Lute Kellogg, ? Hines and ? Hall.

In Reddy Coogan’s corner was Frank Bruin, George Manley and ? Bradley.

~ Referee: Ernest Houston ~

Colorado State Featherweight Title

~ Second: Billy Irwin ~

In Jack Dempsey’s corner, besides Billy Irwin, were Tommy Samuels and George Reach.

In Young Corbett’s corner were George Manley, Frank Bruin and Johnny Corbett.

~ Referee: World Featherweight Champion Tommy White ~

~ Second: Billy Irwin ~

In Willard “Parson” Bean’s corner, besides Billy Irwin, was Tom Moriarty of Boston.

In Paddy Purtell’s corner was Shorty Adams and George Morrissey.

~ Referee: Bat Masterson ~

Western Middleweight Title

~ Second: Billy Irwin ~

In Dago Mike’s corner was Johnny Mosconi, Charlie Jennings, George Gibbons and Shorty Lane.

In Kid Gassagne’s corner, besides Billy Irwin, was Cal Harris and Jake Williams.

~ Referee: Charlie Byrne ~

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